Monday, 6 November 2017

Moving Forward - engaging our Maori learner whanau

Some great discussion around engaging our Maori Parents and whanau more to raise student achievement at our last Thursday's PLD at Stonefields School. Our hub team came up with...

Having a shared morning tea, invite parents in to discuss what they see could help parents more in supporting their children. 
Talk about what does currently happen, how could we continue to support you (parents)?
Get to know the parents more, who they are, their background, their heritage and what is important to them.

Another idea is to keep our Maori learners on a separate group in school talk as a way to communicate with parents, teacher aides and teachers to monitor the progress and make learning visible.

We have regular connects with our Maori leaner parents and they respond well to these connects. We would like to continue these and now try these suggestions we have come up with.

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