Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Reading across the curriculum

Many of the learners who I teach for reading, I also teach for Numeracy.  We are making connections in Reading by chunking words out, and reading for meaning in the Maths problems.  We are using reading in Maths by using a digital lens.  Explain Everything is allowing learners to read and listen to the maths problem. Learners are applying their understanding by solving word problems in Maths.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Huge Shift in Reading Data! YAY!

Wahoo!! Look at this shift in data Our Y1/2 learners are making progress.  Term 1 we had 12 learners who were below National Standards. Term 2 we have 4 below the National Standards.  Really excited, and hugely motivated to continue to create this shift in Reading.  In Hub Wai we are taking a collaborative approach to reduce the barriers in reading.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Digital use of helping us to spell those commonly used words

After that great visit to Khismira last week she shared a great way for learners to take agency and practice words that are commonly spelt wrong in writing and can get us stuck in our learning.  Now as an option in learners reading they can click on the tab and hear the spelling word to write it out.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Integrating Reading in Numeracy, Writing and Phonics

Using the whole body to learn, creating compound words with our hands, reading about counting in two from a big book, supported with a number grid, Memorising our sounds and blends by jumping on the correct on a learner can hear.

My Visit to Pt England School

Wow! What an awesome experience with the Year 1's Room 18 at Point England School.  Taking the collaborative approach I visited Khismira (CoL Across School Leader). She was great!, the experience was invaluable. I took away so many fabulous ideas to support student agency in Literacy and numeracy.  It opened up new possibilities to integrate into my design for learning.  Thinking about using School Talk as the driver to incorporate more digital learning to increase student agency and hit that sweet spot! 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

STEPS - The Learning Staircase.

For many of the learners I have they are involved in the STEPS programme. The most effective approach of this programme is to develop all of the underlying processing and cognitive skills at the same time as teaching the literacy knowledge.

This is done by ensuring that the learner sees and uses the word in a wide variety of contexts. The learner will do a whole series of activities in the order specified to make sure that he/she can:
  • Read the word confidently and without hesitation
  • Recognise the word instantaneously
  • Put the word into context
  • Spell the word
  • Break the word into individual sounds
  • Blend the word together (from sounds or chunks)
  • Define the word
  • Type or write the word
The carefully designed structure means that a non-specialist teacher/teacher-aide or parent can use the program effectively, even if they don’t have an indepth theoretical knowledge of this field.
The graph above shows the accelerated progress made in 20 weeks for these specific learners.  Great results!!