Monday, 23 October 2017

Making Accelerated Shift for Maori Learners

Manaiakalani Teachers Inquire into the CoL Achievement Challenges

This is the achievement Challenge I am working on this year...

"Lift the achievement in reading for all students, with a particular focus on boys and Māori students (both genders) years 1-13"

We have a Y1 learner who is NZ Maori this is her progress in 2017.

This learner has been at school for 1 year and 6 months.  She started at Stonefields at the beginning of the year. From the graph above you can see that she has made steady progress.  She is now reading at Green.  We want her to be at Orange to meet National Standards and be 'at' her level.

The goal now is to get this learner to Orange level by the end of the year 8 weeks to go!!

Steps taken to make this progress
  • Regular parent connects twice a term. The content covered in these connects...
    • How to use the Reading Prompt Cards at home and in association with the home readers.
    • Sharing content from reading together workshops, providing parents with strategies of how to support their child with reading.
    • A time to answer any questions to support parents with reading with their child.

 "The regular connects have been really helpful.  You've helped to give me some strategies of how I can help ... at home.  It keeps on us track.  The list of high frequency words have been good to motivate ....  I love the reading bookmark as ... knows what to do when she comes across a tricky word.  We really appreciate the help have given us"
Parent Voice

During learning time the most effect strategies for our Maori learners are using the following..
  • Elkonin Boxes (sound boxes) we make connections to our Maori vowel song we sing regularly  A Haka Mana
  • Reading one on one daily (getting extra dose and density)
  • The use of Digital incentives during phonics time has helped this learner to take on student agency to drive their learning, and she what their next step is.

By refining and and digging deeper into my Inquiry I am able to change my practice to engage Maori learners and refine my practice to cause shift in progress.  I look forward to the next post following on from this to see the shift made for this learner.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Teacher Voice - Something to be proud of.

Parent Voice

Digging Deeper into My Inquiry - Ocean Phonics

What have I tried?                                    What was successful?                   Where to next?

Ocean Phonics
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.37.41 pm.png

Student Voice:
“The balancing is helping me hold my pencil and write and not get squiggly lines, I can write up and down.”

“The jumping the words out because it helps me read and remember the words better.’

“Eye tracking it helps me to get to the words and concentrating and not just taking to my friends

“Jumping on the words is cool, I can remember the words better.’
  • Noticings:Related imageRelated imageRelated image
  • Creates student agency.

  • Next steps:
  • How can we collect evidence through school talk, maximise progressions eg learner qualities, graduate profile, work attack skills in Reading…

  • Learner video each other or taking photos, giving feedback and feedforward between each other.

  • Research into what is going to get value added. Eg integrate STEPs into phonics

Digging Deeper into my Inquiry - Reading Together Workshops

What have I tried?                                    What was successful?                   Where to next?

Reading Together workshops

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.17.44 pm.png

Had a great Parent turnout, helped to build relationships with parents too.
18 Parents came.

Parent Voice
“Thank you for explaining so clearly how we read with my child.’

“This has been great for me to see how take the pressure off, and have less battles at night.’

‘Broch really hits home, now I see why my child would struggle.’

Next StepsRelated imageRelated image

  • Timely to do another one now that we have new learners and learners at a higher end now so it’s about modifying the workshop to cater for both extremes.  

  • Core 5 and STEPS professional development

Digging Deeper into my Inquiry - Using Ipad in reading to encourage Student Agency

What have I tried?                                    What was successful?                   Where to next?

Hitting the Word attack Progressions

  • Creating student agency through making learning choices to cover word attack strategies.

Student Voice
“I knew where to go and what to do when I am not with the teacher.’

“I have about 7 work attack progressions which I work on in the week.’

‘I like taking charge in reading, I am doing really well.’

“This is fun because I can tick off what I have done.’
Noticings:Related image
Learners who find it challenging to work independently, need one on one support to maintain concentration.  This way learners are taking more control of their learning and are accountable for their learning.Related image

Next steps:
Continue to build on student agency. Started to do this for Green level word attack reading progressions.

this one.png

Dig Deeper into my Inquiry - Reading Strategy Bookmarks

What have I tried?                                    What was successful?                   Where to next?

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.02.53 pm.png

  • Learners are beginning to use the prompts now to help them with making inferences about the text.

Student Voice
“These bookmarks help me when I am reading. I like the learning pit one because I say to myself I feel…, and then I can say I want to feel…’

‘When I am self aware in reading I think about what the characters could have differently.’

  • Learners who have moved to a strong ‘Orange’ level are more confident to use the bookmarks.Related image

Where to next?
  • More scaffolding required with learners who are blue and green readers.Image result for reflect stonefields school

Re-create a bookmark with the learning process broken up and verbs - e.g., using prompts to know how to bring what I know…

Use Sheena Cameron