Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Elkonin Boxes supporting ESOL learners


34% of our learners are on our school English as a Second Language register.  I am digging deeper into my Inquiry about the best ways to support ESOL learners.  Elkonin boxes has been a successful tool for some of learners. Now the challenge is to see how this knowledge in phonics can be transferred into reading and writing. 

Monday, 7 August 2017


Time to dig deeper in my analysis and ask myself... "what happens in the classroom when I apply my learning" Dimension 4.


What is adaptive expertise?

Adaptive expertise is about being self-aware, having agency over your ability to make a difference, and striving for the best outcomes for your students. Engaging in effective professional conversations can support you to.

This video has made me look at my own practise and looking at the agency and urgency I have developed in making a difference. After having many conversations around 'Am I really making a difference". I am now able to dig deeper into my inquiry.  

When reviewing Helen Timperly's research on the spiral of Inquiry I am at the checking phase now.

So I am thinking about which learners are still struggling and facing some of the barriers in reading I have found.  I am wondering if my deliberate tools and strategies created and using are successful and time to measure the success.

Time to pause and refine all the things I have done so far....

Upon reflection...

Feedback and feedforward is a way for learners to take ownership and be accountable for their learning.  After a discussion with my TE coach we thought that it is important to take into account John Hattie's research about purposeful feedback and feedforward.  So learners can indicate what learner quality did they use to find the learning progressions.  For example 'I needed to think about where the blends were in my book'.

Feedback is a powerful way to affect student achievement (Hattie & Timperley, 2007). Research consistently ranks feedback as among the strongest interventions at teachers' disposal (Kluger & DeNisi, 1996). But feedback is a complex construct with at least three distinct components, which we call feed upfeed back, and feed forward

Praising learners to achieve word attack skills

After several parent connects last week.  The big thing was learners building their confidence in reading.  So using Explain Everything I created a reward card for learners to put stickers on the learning progressions they achieve as we are doing our guided reading sessions. At the end of the week they will aim to have 12 stickers on all progressions and will be rewarded by reading by choosing a learner to read to from another hub and have time on hub computers playing a literacy game.  We will discuss rewards as a group, so learners are intrinsically motivated to want to achieve these learning progressions.  

These progressions are identified from school talk and looking at the gaps in word attack skills.

add school talk here

Reshuffled Reading Groups

The beauty of being in a collaborative space, we can regroup according the teacher strengths and learners needs.  I now have a large chunk of blue readers.  This is an exciting new challenge to continue putting into practise the design for learning to cater for these learners and try new things.  Watch this space for the impact I have to shift these learners.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Elkonin Boxes used to help us spell words with the different vowel sounds

This morning in phonics we used our sound boxes, learners are really getting the hang of spelling words that can trip them up when reading.  This helps when children are having difficulty hearing the individual sounds (phonemes) in words and writing the corresponding letters to make the words. This in time is helping learners to decode words and help with reading fluency.

Phonics-Sound-Elkonin-Boxes.pdf list words

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Reflection on my TE Inquiry.

A great way for the CoL teachers to reflect on our Inquiries and use this to discuss together.  This is the exciting part as Dr Graeme Aitken promotes is the collaboration between teachers sharing their inquiries that is the powerful part of the teaching cycle.  I made connections to other tonight about what other areas of my Inquiry I can work on.