Sunday, 1 July 2018

Reading Together Workshop 2018

A huge success, parents engaged and eager to learn. Loved their involvement. The demonstrations of what to do and what not to do was powerful and helped parents with strategies to support their child with reading. It was helpful to start with parents experiences of what reading with their child at home was like and how they felt about helping their child.  This workshop was open to all Junior hubs, wonderful collaboration from the teams of teachers who were there to support.  This was the biggest turn out we have ever had at Stonefields School.

Some comments from the Reading Together Workshop

Some great takeaways from this Reading Together workshop, parents want these workshops to continue as they are helpful for parents to support their children with reading, therefore this supports teachers and raises student achievement.  Some great ideas here too with providing handouts with questions parents could ask about the book and how to support children from Reading level to level.
Also, providing workshops in Writing and Maths.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Empowering Learners to drive their level of understanding in their reading

Taking agency

Making Meaning of how the three level guide fits into the Learning Process

Having a go at the three level guide questions to infer into the book.

Excited to give this a try with my learners. Engage them in collaboration, oral language and empowering them to make meaning of the text.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Claremont College Takeaways - how to personalise the learning.

keeping in mind...
3. Lift the achievement in reading for all students, with a particular focus on boys and Māori students (both genders) years 1-13

Sharing the Success Criteria (WILF - what am I looking for?)
through digital and visual

Using the learning process pack (LLP) to support the understanding

Using the framework of a three-level guide how it relates to our Learning Process of Stonefields School

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Looking at Shift in data from Term 1 - Term 2

Literacy rich experiences for our Maori learners.

We ended on a high at the end of Term 1, last day of term Hub 1&2 performed and shared their
Mihi to their families and other families.

This term hub 1&2 are continuing or conceptual understanding of ‘our place our identity’
by dedicating a block every Friday to integrate Te Reo into art, movement and oracy.  
We’re we are team teaching and becoming a learner with each other and our children.

Our learning on a Friday has been a good build up to our visit to Te Tahawai Marae,
we were immersed in the culture and made many connections.

Our trip tied into our Marae Noho, our parents were in the learner seat through Te Ao Kori

Personally, I feel hungry learn and continue building my knowledge in Te Reo and
Maori culture so I’ve put myself in the learner seat by joining the Kapa Haka.

Reading is also about creating experiences and connecting with our Maori learners. Finding out what are their hooks for creating a willingness to read.

Reading lead through passion!

With our new design in teaching, we are grouping our learners by their passions. I have a group of learners who are interested in gardening and are using our surrounding environment. Our groups are mixed ability to increase the oracy in reading and in ability groups when required for a guided work attack session.  These learners took their passion for their garden to another level where they wrote a proposal for a shade sail. They presented this to our Principal Sarah Martin. The learners were involved in real authentic learning, all based around literacy.

Check out some of their slides

Engaged and focused!

Found my learners so engaged in reading today, loved the energy, calmness and culture we are creating in our hub basing our reading groups on passion led groups.