Thursday, 19 September 2019

Using exemplars in writing

This has been a powerful strategy to hook learners into understanding what their learning progressions are and breaking down the success criteria.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

To be proud of.... MY IMPACT!

I put myself out there and asked staff about my impact I have had on teacher practise. My next steps are to continue sharing my skills and expertise and provide more insights into how to support student support learners and raise Maori achievement. 

Using Reflective Prompt in to support the learning process in writing

Another way to scaffold learners to talk about what they are learning and how the Success Criteria can support this process. This has been a great tool to support my writers. 

Setting our Maori learners up for success in writing.

Supporting our Maori learners with whole body learning and knowing what to do when they are stuck. This scaffold has particularly been for a specific Maori leaner to support with when he is stuck in writing. This has been helpful and supporting him to take ownership of his writing. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Visible Learning summaries my teaching delivery.


These statistics show that in my teaching practise I am reducing the level of complexity in language of understanding of what and how we are are learning in writing. Another reflection is to slow down the pace especially in building knowledge on a specific writing genre. This notion will take me cross curricular when planning my learning design. 

Tools and Strategies for Writing

Using digital tools, interactive Big Three and the Success Criteria all in support for understanding what we are learning and how.

Writing - much more writing in a book!


Passionate learners collaborated, discussed and worked their way through the learning process to find out why hand dryers are more sustainable than paper towels. The dialogue, researching and note taking lead to writing not only factual information but a proposal to look into how to reduce the amount of paper towels and be more environmentally friendly.

The initial discussion was set up through a Smarie Collaborative Learning Experience guiding learners to talk about and negotiate a process and way forward.


The incidental teaching lead to the principal passing through and giving us figures of how much is spent on paper towels through out the year.

Learners compared this with how many paper towels are used in a week across the school.

Learners presented their proposal with confidence and passion. There was certainly a WOW factor in their writing. It was an authentic learning experience. which has next steps with getting quotes for hand dryers and further investigation into more sustainable options.