Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Exploring the possibilities this year

After our Manaiakalani - Woolf Fisher Research feedback I went in with an inquiring mind, thinking what am I going to do differently this year. Yes I began to dig deeper into my inquiry

Who big areas come to mind... How are we going to create student agency for our learners and what are we going to differently to engage our Maori Learners and their families?

Already planting some ideas

Image result for planting seeds idea

Reading together workshop run during the day before 3pm to get in parents before picking up their learners. Open up to Y1/2  and Y2/3 hubs.

Bringing in more Maori, Pacifika and other parents in shared morning tea or afternoon inclusive with sharing learner achievements. Teachers released to be part of the discussion group to find out what is it that will help to engage our learners. Find out what support our parents need?

More ideas bubbling...Watch this space...I'm excited of the possibilities...

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