Tuesday, 27 February 2018

MASAM - What can I do for my Māori Learners to raise achievement.

Listening to Janelle Riki-Waaka  "Seeing your school through the eyes of Māori parents"

The Key messages

  • Putting on the lens of a Maori parent about what is success for their child?
  • what would I see, hear, and feel in the school/classroom that shows that a child’s culture, language, history and tikanga will be valued and celebrated?

My thoughts:

How am I going to give my Maori learners more choices to manage their learning?
The first step is to do this through a digital lens (Explain Everything)

The second step is setting goals with my learners through knowing which 'learner qualities' are to support their learning, looking at data together, having a visual to work with. Through visual and interactive displays

The third step is to reflect on how learners are being engaged, involve whanaū as part of the review process, collect student and parent voice. 

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