Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Building Rich Learning Experiences in Literacy

When Jannie van Hees talks about the importance of building rich, authentic experiences to build the level of vocabulary of our learners. I am thinking of rich texts like these where there is an opportunity to expose our leaners to fiction and non-fiction text. Texts that relate to culture and identity. This text will support in creating success for all learners including Māori and boys.  Scaffolding the struggling learner has stuck with me too. A learner who might be reading at level blue, why not expose them to texts like this to enrich their vocabulary, knowledge and hook them into wanting to read. 

When I think of my design for this shared book, I am thinking about the LEARN, CREATE, SHARE model of having a digital lens, oral language, reading, writing and using our body to learn with this context. I am excited about how things are making sense about my next steps of how my impact can make a difference. 

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