Monday, 16 October 2017

Digging Deeper into my Inquiry - Using Ipad in reading to encourage Student Agency

What have I tried?                                    What was successful?                   Where to next?

Hitting the Word attack Progressions

  • Creating student agency through making learning choices to cover word attack strategies.

Student Voice
“I knew where to go and what to do when I am not with the teacher.’

“I have about 7 work attack progressions which I work on in the week.’

‘I like taking charge in reading, I am doing really well.’

“This is fun because I can tick off what I have done.’
Noticings:Related image
Learners who find it challenging to work independently, need one on one support to maintain concentration.  This way learners are taking more control of their learning and are accountable for their learning.Related image

Next steps:
Continue to build on student agency. Started to do this for Green level word attack reading progressions.

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