Monday, 16 October 2017

Dig Deeper into my Inquiry - Reading Strategies Bookmarks

         What have I tried?                                    What was successful?                   Where to next?

Reading Strategies Bookmarks

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  • Learners have a tangible resource to support them when they are in the learning pit with sounding out a word and making meaning of it.

Student Voice:
“It reminds to look at the pictures first and not sound out each letter, like I use to’.

‘ it helps a lot, it’s getting easier and easier every day.’.

“If I don’t know a word I just get my bookmark and it reminds me what to do when I am stuck on a word.’

Parent Voice:
‘Helps with Ruby’s confidence to have something there to help her.’

For some learners they have gained more confidence with knowing what to do when sounding out a word.

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Where to next?
  • Hitting the ZPD for ESOL Learners, critically thinking about how we can ensure that our ESOL learners are understanding the strategies for sounding out tricky words.

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