Wednesday, 10 May 2017

What does the research say?

The possible problems of lack of Comprehension are a lack of strategies.  At Stonefields School our learning progressions support the opportunity to learn strategies for reading comprehension.  

Making Meaning: Comprehension StrategiesConnecting, Comparing - I use my prior knowledge to make connections to what I am reading
Connecting, Comparing - I make text to self, text to text and text to world connections and discuss my responses
Connecting, Comparing - I can compare ideas and information in texts that are the same or different
Making Meaning: Thinking CriticallyPredicting - I make predictions about what will happen before reading and refine them during reading
Predicting - I find evidence in the text to support my predictions
Predicting - I find and talk about ideas that are explicit in the text or illustrations
Self Questioning - I ask questions about the purpose for reading and what the author wanted me to understand
Self Questioning - I ask my self questions, before, during and after reading to help me make sense of what I am reading
Visualising - I imagine what the author meant from the words in the text
Visualising - I can imagine characters, scenes, information in my head
Visualising - I can draw and sketch what I see
Summarising, Paraphrasing - I can summarise a text for retelling
Summarising, Paraphrasing - I can discuss the main purpose of the book in my own words
Inferring - I can make a simple inference about what the author meant when it is not stated
Inferring - I use predicting, Self Questioning and visualising to help me make an inference
Analysing, Evaluating - I can talk about themes, plots or ideas that are in the text
Analysing, Evaluating - I use a range of sources of information to decide what is important
Analysing, Evaluating - I am learning to identify the main idea, using key words

These are the progressions for Orange level.  Marzola 2014 research states that 
"Think aloud strategies help students to monitor comprehension of text they read".

These progressions are all strategies that we ensure we teach.

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